Katon, The Soulless Wizard – Alpha Download

Katon the soulless wizard

Katon, the Soulless Wizard is a well crafted puzzle platformer in which you use dark powers of spiritual projection to escape your prison and kill your brother.

You have been imprisoned by your brother and must escape through deviously designed dungeons and seek vengeance.  Each of the current 25 levels (50 are planned for the full release) are single screen puzzles that require the use of dark wizardry and a little lateral thinking to escape.

As you progress you’ll fight bosses and unlock new powers to aid your quest.  These powers generally allow you to project your soul in a variety of ways, allowing you to activate switches, cross gaps and create platforms.  The single-screen levels are very cleverly designed, requiring the use of your wizardry skills in novel ways and some real brain power as you make your escape.

Katon may be soulless, but this game is anything but.  With it’s charming pixel art animation and intelligent puzzle design, Katon, the Soulless Wizard is a puzzle platformer with plenty of soul.

Download The Katon, the Soulless Wizard Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)