KByte – Alpha Demo


KByte is a fabulous homage to retro games, in which you can play a variety of retro games, themed around different consoles – from the ZX Spectrum to the Super Nintendo.

In the game, you control KByte, a creature who dons various suits to allow him to take on various challenges.  These challenges come in the form of differently themed retro games, playable on different retro gaming systems – including, Game & Watch, NES, Commadore 64, Sega Genesis, ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600, Macintosh 128k and many more.  Each game is themed around a type of game and recreates the distinctive graphical style of that console.

The Alpha Demo features five games, split across five consoles, each of which are great games in their own right – from fun riffs on R-Type and Megaman, to unique trajectory based platformers.  The superb pixel art visuals impress throughout and each game is genuinely fun to play, full of nice surprises and unique bosses.  It’s not just a great homage to a retro game, it’s a great homage to ALL of them.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available