KEANUWARE – Prototype Download

keanuware game download

KEANUWARE is a very strange mix of SUPERHOT-style ‘time only moves when you do’ combat and WarioWare-style minigames that’s plays out in two acts – one where you chase down a Blue B*****d and one where you complete skill based minigames.

Originally created for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT jam, KEANUWARE initially feels like a very good SUPERHOT clone, with act 1 of the game seeing you shooting red enemies and hunting down a low poly blue man who’s carrying a mask. It uses SUPERHOT’s minimalist visual style and gameplay mechanics but does have a few nice touches of its own – such as the ability to hold and fire three guns at once!

Things take a very strange turn once you kill the Blue B*****d and grab the mask he’s been carrying though – as you then start to compete in an endless barrage of WarioWare-esque minigames to appease the KEANU mask. This tests your reflexes and trajectory planning as you’re often required to shoot fast moving targets that require you to aim a substantial amount ahead of them. It’s a fun mode, but could be improved by adding more enemies to shoot – shooting targets isn’t quite as enjoyable as shooting people!

KEANUWARE certainly borrows a lot from SUPERHOT, but that was always going to happen considering the theme of the Jam it spawned from, and it certainly shows promise with it’s fun gunplay and bizarre minigame-filled game world. A quirky game in which the minigames only move when you do!

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