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Keen is a very addictive and very polished blend of Zelda-inspired dungeon crawling, turn based tactical combat and slide-till-you-stop puzzling in which you battle monsters as you attempt to save your village from an evil corporation.

Keen offers a very clever blend of genres that effectively allows players to take on each level at their own pace. You can move in one of four directions, and will only stop when you hit a wall. Everytime you move, your enemies will move and you attack enemies automatically by either sliding through them or sliding into a position next to them – you don’t want to get too close to them without killing them though as they can attack you too! It’s a clever concept backed up by some excellent level design, and there are even secret areas and switch/key based puzzles later on too spice up the proceedings.

The unique blend of dungeon crawling, turn based combat and slide-till-you-stop puzzling in Keen makes for a truly unique experience that remains easy to pick up and play whilst also providing plenty of action, strategy and depth. A super slidey little adventure well worth checking out.

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Download The Keen Pre-Alpha Build Here (Win & Mac)

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