Keep Me Burning – Game Jam Build Download

Keep Me Burning is a beautifully animated puzzle platforming adventure where speed is key as you attempt to keep your oil lamp burning and the darkness away.

Created by Attu Games (creators of The Tutorial) for Ludum Dare 45, Keep Me Burning is a fast paced and beautifully animated platformer where light is not only needed to help you see, but also to keep you safe from the monsters lurking in the darkness. You take control of a cute little marshmallowy looking character who has a little oil lamp to light the way through the labyrinthine dungeon it’s trapped in. The problem being that the oil level needs topped up regularly to keep the darkness at bay.

If you die by running out of light or via one of the many deadly traps then you get sent all the way back to the start. However, you can unlock Dark Souls-esque shortcuts through the game world which allow you to get back to the place that you died much faster. The shortcuts system is a great touch as it feels a little less “cheaty” than a traditional checkpoint system and gives you a good feeling of progress.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a great little platforming adventure with a nice mixture of hazards to deal with in the dungeon, clever level design, high quality animation and fast paced gameplay. See if you can escape the darkness in this excellent little bite-sized adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Keep Me Burning Here (Windows & Mac)