KEEP OUT – Alpha Demo

KEEP OUT is a creepy INSIDE-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where you take on the role of a sentient toy attempting to survive in a world where humanity sees you as a threat that must be exterminated.

In KEEP OUT you take on the role of a cute looking little sentient AI toy called Mr. M. You (and many more like you) were created by the Humes Science Laboratory, with an aim of creating more interactive toys for kids to play with. However, it wasn’t long until humans saw sentient toys as a threat and most of your kind where rounded up and destroyed. You now survive by scurrying about in the shadows of the human world – a place where a premature death can come in many different forms…

The current build of KEEP OUT takes around 10 minutes to play through and really impresses with its beautiful 3D visuals, fun puzzle design and many brutal ways for you to die. The 2D gameplay is reminiscent of INSIDE, but the full game will also contain sections that have 3D movement (like Little Monsters). It’s shaping up very nicely and it’s a pretty tense experience – the world can be a surprisingly scary place when you’re only a few inches tall!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the KEEP OUT Alpha Demo Here