Keepsake County – Alpha Demo

Keepsake County is a fast-paced and fun thief simulation game where you break into residences and attempt to steal anything that’s not nailed down!

In Keepsake County you are a talented thief who has a huge loan to pay off. Naturally, you’ll have to put your thieving skills to good use as you try to sneak around, steal stuff and escape without getting caught or killed.

You’re not exactly equipped with the most high-tech of burglary tools – you have a hammer and a screwdriver that you use to break locks and a plastic bag to carry away all your loot. You can find shoelaces to tie up witnesses and you can get some wire-cutters and various perks from a diner and pawn shop between levels.

It could do with a little more work in the audio department (audio levels and music), but other than that it’s a hell of a lot of fun. It’s made in Unity, but it feels very much like what a stealth game would be if built in the GZDoom engine. It’s a very fast paced and lighthearted take on the stealth genre and even if things go wrong, you have a fighting chance of escaping. It’s essentially a stealth game for people who don’t want to spend ages crawling around on all fours and hiding in lockers. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Keepsake County Alpha Demo Here (Steam)