Kelvin And The Infamous Machine – Beta Demo

kelvin and the infamous machine

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a wonderfully animated Lucasarts-esque point-and-click adventure that sees the not-so-brilliant Kelvin, trying to stop a mad scientist from using a time machine to drastically alter the world.

After a lifetime of research, Dr Lupin has created a time machine which rather unfortunately looks an awful lot like a portable shower – This promptly makes Lupin a laughing stock of the Scientific community, which he vows to take vengeance on.  Lupin then launches himself into the past, bent on stealing credit for humanity’s greatest works, and only Kelvin (his slightly inept lab assistant) can stop him.

What follows is a charming point and click adventure, full of clever puzzle design and cheeky humor.  It feels a lot like a classic Lucasarts adventures of old, but does stamp it’s own personality and style on the formula.  Currently halfway through it’s Kickstarter with half of it’s funding, we can’t wait to see more of Kelvin and his rather ridiculous adventures.

Check Out the Kickstarter Campaign & Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)