Keyball – Prototype Download

Keyball is an inventive QWOP-like multiplayer ball-game where you press the corresponding keys on the keyboard to knock the ball around the screen and towards your rival’s goal.

In Keyball players take control of opposing sides of a keyboard and press the corresponding keys to hit the ball around the screen. Pressing a key will cause that key to shoot out of the on-screen keyboard/arena or if you hold shift and press that key then it will retract. There are currently a variety of differently styled arenas to play in and lots of fun customization options, such as altering the elevation of the arenas.

The current build of Keyball is very much a work in progress, so is more of a fun little toy than a game at the moment, but it’s a great premise that has a lot of possibilities. The developer aims to add puzzles, online multiplayer and lots of other features. A QWOP-like Rocket League filled with fun ideas.

Download The Keyball Prototype Here (Windows)