Kharon’s Crypt – Alpha Demo

Kharon’s Crypt is a fun non-linear dungeon crawling RPG adventure with Game Boy Color inspired visuals, in which you possess your enemies, navigate traps and solve puzzles as you attempt to help the ferryman of Hades escape a tomb he’s been imprisoned in.

In Kharon’s Crypt you take on the role of Kharon (or Charon) the ferryman who carries newly deceased souls across the river Styx to the afterlife. Or rather, he would be doing that if he hadn’t been imprisoned in a monster, trap and puzzle filled tomb by a mad king who is trying to extend his life (by locking up death).

Kharon cannot interact with object in his normal state, but he can stun and posses enemies that roam the crypts. Each enemy has unique abilities that you can use to aid your progress, such as bats being able to fly across gaps or skeletons being able to swing swords and move objects.

It’s an impressive game with some great pixel art animation, challenging gameplay, hidden secrets, cool loot, cleverly designed puzzles and plenty of variety afforded by the different enemies that you can possess. A fun dungeon crawling adventure packed full of enemy possessing possibilities.

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Download The Kharon’s Crypt Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)

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