Khroma – Game Jam Build Download

Khroma game

Khroma is a very cool first person puzzler in which you adjust the frequencies of your power golves to make different colored structures appear and disappear.

In Khroma your task is to reach the glowing prism in each of its five minimalist low poly levels, To do this you’ll need some platforming skills and and mastery of your frequency modulating power gloves which can make blue, green and red platforms appear and disappear at will. The catch is that you can only materialize one of the colors at a time, so will have to switch between them all (often while in mid-air) at different times to reach your goal.

Khroma was created during just 48 hours for the Global Game Jam, so it is a pretty short experience, but it shows a lot of promise – particularly in the last level, which features some great bits of game design. Hopefully the developers continue to work on it in the future as it feels like a great foundation for a full game.

Check Out a Playthrough Here

Download Khroma Here (Windows – Link at Bottom of Page)