KIBORG – Alpha Demo

KIBORG is an incredibly brutal third person roguelite beat ’em up set on a prison planet that’s been infected by alien nanobots.

In KIBORG you are the leader of a group of resistance fighters who are fighting back against alien nanobots that have infected a prison planet and effectively turned everyone there into a prisoner. Each mission you undertake in KIBORG will cost you a day and every week a new calamity will strike. Time will move on regardless of whether your missions are successful or not, and the story will move along too.

The KIBORG demo features the arena-based rogueite mode where you battle waves of enemies, unlock upgrades and earn cash that you can use to unlock permanent upgrades. The combat is Arkham Asylum-esque, but with a bit more fluidity and a lot more brutality. You can roll, block, parry, use powerful combos, unleash special moves and use guns and melee weapons.

It’s still early in development and has plenty of placeholder assets, but the core combat system is a lot of fun and even the simple arena mode is very addictive. There’s something very satisfying about beating enemies to a bloody pulp in this game!

Download The KIBORG Alpha Demo (Steam)