Kick Ass Commandos – Alpha Demo

kick ass commandos

Kick Ass Commandos a fun top-down pixel art Cannon Fodder/Ikari Warriors-esque shooter, full of carnage, OTT weaponry and recruitable commandos that join your squad, turning you from a lone wolf into a wolf pack of bombastic destruction.

The game plays a lot like your typical top down shooter, with WASD used to move and the mouse to aim and fire.  What makes Kick Ass Commandos stand out though is the wanton destruction and ability to rescue squad members who then join your crew.  As you progress through each level, picking up powerful weaponry and rescuing squad members, you slowly turn from a lone Rambo into a crack squad of Expendables, causing death and destruction wherever you point your cursor.

Kick Ass Commandos is still very early in development, and only features three levels at the moment, but it’s already a thoroughly enjoyable experience – a fun game that revels in the joy of explosions and pixelated carnage.

Play Kick Ass Commandos in a Unity Supported Browser HERE