Kid Icarus – Student Project Game

Kid Icarus is a 3D reimagining of the original NES Kid Icarus that see you exploring its beautiful Unreal Engine 4 powered game world and using your bow and arrow to dispatch the enemies that are invading it.

Created by students at the NAD School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design, Kid Icarus offers a short 10 minute action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from the original NES Kid Icarus. The gameplay is fairly simple, with you firing arrows to activate platforms and dispatch enemies using your shield to deflect projectiles, but the world design is very impressive and packed full of great detail.

It’s not the most challenging game and there are only a couple of types of enemies to dispatch, but the game world is absolutely gorgeous – a vibrant floating landscape that’s a joy to explore. It ends just as it feels like its getting started, but it’s a fun little romp nonetheless and a great little outing for for one of Nintendo’s lesser used characters.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Kid Icarus Here or Here (Windows)