Kill It With Fire: Ignition – Beta Demo

Kill It With Fire: Ignition is a hilarious and slightly creepy physics-based first person action game where you use anything you can get your hands on to kill the spiders that have infested your house.

Currently in development by Casey Donnellan, former lead designer of Vicious Circle at Rooster Teeth Games, Kill It With Fire is a first person action game set within a spider-infested house. You need to eradicate the spiders using any makeshift (and propper) weapons you can find – including guns, explosives, fire, ninja stars, cheesy poofs, a clip-board and pretty much anything that you can pick up and throw. Of course this means that there’s going to be quite a lot of collateral damage, but it’ll be worth it to get rid of those nasty spiders!

Kill It With Fire: Ignition is essentially a demo of Kill It With Fire and features two full missions, around 30 minutes of gameplay, a wide variety of weapons and plenty of spider splatting carnage. Fire kills them easily, but there’s something really satisfying about nailing one with a ninja star or a magnum shot. In each level you unlock new areas by killing a certain amount of spiders and you also have bonus objectives (such as “burn 50 things” or “shatter framed memories”) that can allow you to unlock some rather OTT weaponry.

There’s something rather creepy and unsettling about the way the spiders in Kill It With Fire scurry about the place, which makes it all the more fun to exterminate them with extreme prejudice. You do occasionally feel a little sorry for them when they start screaming after being set on fire, but perhaps not enough to stop your spider-killing rampage – you just try to put them out of their misery quicker! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Kill It With Fire: Ignition Beta Demo Here (Steam)