Kill The Crows – Beta Demo

Kill The Crows is a very stylish and brutal Wild West gunslinging arena shooter set in a forsaken town filled with cultists.

In Kill The Crows you take on the role of a mysterious lone gunslinger called Isabella. As you make your way through the town you’ll learn more about Isabella’s backstory and why the once prosperous town is now in ruins. You’ll also battle bosses and unlock new guns, passives and showdowns.

The current demo is very short (you can beat it in under 2 minutes), but it is very cool. You have a six-shooter, a dodge-roll and a showdown ability, and you need to fend off 100 cultists as they emerge around you. When you kill enough cultists to charge your showdown ability you can use it to slow down time, tag multiple cultists at once and then mow them down in a flurry of bullets.

It’s a simple, stylish and entertaining top-down shooter with responsive controls, beautiful pixel art animation and very satisfying guns (especially when unleashing the showdown). A great bit of gunslinging action well worth checking out.

Check Out a Kill The Crows Gameplay Video Here

Download The Kill The Crows Beta Demo Here (Steam)