Kill The K.O.T.H. – Game Jam Build Download

Kill The K.O.T.H. is an eerie and atmospheric first person rock-climbing game where you use a couple of climbing picks to help you climb a huge floating fortress and kill the king that sits atop it.

Created for the Haunted Hunting Jam, Kill The K.O.T.H. sees you arriving at the shores of a mysterious land that’s ruled by a rotten king who takes everything from the people and gives nothing in return. Armed with a couple of climbing picks, you now attempt to climb up a huge floating fortress and slay the king who rules from the top of it.

The gameplay in Kill The K.O.T.H. is fast paced and fun, feeling a little like if Quake was converted into a rock-climbing game. Your climbing picks can dig into the sides of most surfaces (except hard stone) and you can climb quite far before your stamina gives out and you need to find somewhere to rest (or risk falling to your doom). Most of the climbing and jumping is fairly easy, but the real challenge lies in figuring out the best route up – especially as you can’t climb around corners or up overhanging slopes.

An online speed running leaderboard would be a great addition (so people could actually compete to be the King of the Kill) and it could perhaps do with a little more challenge and lore, but (especially considering the time restraints of the game jam), it’s a very impressive game. The climbing mechanics are a lot of fun, the lore is very intriguing, it’s got a great atmosphere and the retro styled visuals work very well. See if you can slay the king of the hill!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Kill The K.O.T.H. Here (Windows & Mac)

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  1. Hi, i just CANT go any further in this game! So, after a while i go back and check the video gameplay…and i notice that a distance between me and the next wall is actually DOUBLED compared to the one showed in the video at 6.54! In the video the player makes a simple jump, but i cant reach that far and keep fell! since i cant turn on the corner while climbing, neither jump while climbing(only relase my grip) i really cant understand HOW im suppose to go further.

    can you help me pls=?

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