Killing Floor 2 – Open Beta (PS4)


Killing Floor 2 is the brutal and bloody sequel to the Tripwire Interactive’s original horde mode-esque first person shooter in which one to six players fight for their survival against hordes of undead Zeds.

Saying there’s a little bit of blood in Killing Floor 2 is like saying there was a little bit of water aboard the Titanic – there’s gallons of it, with every enemy you shoot exploding into a concoction of body parts and claret red. Much like the original, it’s an intense experience as you fight for your life against the hordes of zombie-like Zeds. The amount of enemies per each wave scales depending on how many players are in the game, so you won’t be too overwhelmed when playing solo, but it’s still very challenging, offering intense adrenaline-fuelled matches that culminate in a randomly selected boss fight.

Killing Floor 2 rewards precision by granting a short period of slow mo Bullet Time-esque ‘Zed Time’ to all players when someone pulls of specific shots such as head shots. Also much like CoD: Zombies, at the end of each round of Zed blasting, players can use cash they’ve earned to purchase new weapons, armor and ammo, and after every five waves players are able to choose between two perks to add to their character.

The PS4 Open Beta features 2 modes (Survival and Versus Survival), three maps (Burning Paris, Biotics Lab and Evac Point), one offline training mission, 9 perk classes and 14 unique characters. The Open Beta will run all weekend, finishing on Sunday night, so join in now for some brutal, bloody and intense multiplayer Zed blasting action!

Download The Beta Via The European PSN Store or the The North American PSN Store (PS4 Only)