Killspiracy TV – Beta Download

Killspiracy TV is a quirky cartoony FPS that draws inspiration from Doom and Zombies Ate My Neighbors as you blast monsters and rescue cultists from randomly generated levels.

In Killspiracy TV you are a mysterious stranger who has stumbled into the strange world of Killspiracy. You must now fight your way through four levels (with a possible eight different themes) where you need to rescue TV-headed cultists and blast bizarre creatures, including zombies, fish-headed assassins and sentient space-boogers!

It does get a little repetitive, there’s very little in the way of weapon variety and it’s easy to get lost in its labyrinthine randomized levels, but it’s a fun game nonetheless. This is thanks largely to its charming cartoony visuals, fast paced run ‘n gun gameplay, quirky sense of humor and creative creature design. The addition of a cultist-detecting compass and some more weapons could make it a must play, but even as it stands, Killspiracy TV is well worth tuning into.

Download The Killspiracy TV Beta Here (Windows)