King of Crabs – Open Beta

King of Crabs is a very silly casual battle royale game that plays a little like, as you attempt to battle up to 100 other players and grow to become the King of Crabs.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta, in King of Crabs up to 100 players can jump in for some real-time crab-on-crab battle royale action. It’s an easily accessible game that’s controlled mainly with the mouse, and sees you fighting and consuming smaller enemies to become a gigantic crustacean.

King of Crabs features a variety of different game modes and a wide variety of different species of crabs, each with their own skills and unique skins. The large battleground is also full of lots of crazy melee weapons to pick up and pummel your enemies with – including switchblades, meat cleavers and Harley Quinn-esque novelty hammers. It’s a fun game that offers a more lighthearted and stress free taken on the battle royale genre. Crustacean crushing fun.

Download The King of Crabs Open Beta Here (Steam)