Kingdom Eighties – Beta Demo

Kingdom Eighties is an eighties themed spin-off of the Kingdom series, which sees a bunch of kids saving their town from the relentless Greed monsters.

Playing like a mash-up of Kingdom and Stranger Things, Kingdom Eighties puts you in the shoes of a descendant of the original game’s hero. It seems that the Greed are attacking your town and you will travel to different locations to build bases, upgrade defenses and train recruits to fight back against them. Along the way you’ll recruit supporting characters who ride alongside you on there bikes and use their unique skills to aid your cause.

Aside from some minor differences (such as the supporting characters), the gameplay in Kingdom Eighties is pretty similar to the original games. That’s no bad thing though as the series has a very satisfying gameplay loop and the beautifully animated eighties aesthetics do a great job of transforming the experience. Highly recommended.

Download the Kingdom Eighties Beta Demo Here (Steam)