KINGDOM OF LOOT – Alpha Download

Kingdom of loot

KINGDOM OF LOOT is a gorgeous looking 2D pixel art action adventure JRPG MMO that draws inspiration from SNES classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana.

As soon as the game loads up, the soundtrack and charming pixel art visuals transport you back to a the golden era of JRPG’s.  The soundtrack is very impressive with epic sounding melodies, fondly reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda.   After creating your character (which you have to do by logging into your account via a browser), you can freely roam the world map, visiting towns, entering dungeons and battling enemies for lots of lovely loot.  You’ll have to pick your battles carefully though – the world is free for you to explore, but powerful enemies can wipe you out pretty quickly is you stray into the more dangerous areas before levelling up.

KINGDOM OF LOOT is still early in development, but it shows a lot of promise, with lush pixel art visuals, epic audio scores and fun kill-and-loot gameplay.  A loot filled JRPG MMO that’s well worth plundering.

Download the KINGDOM OF LOOT Alpha Build Here