KINGDOM of the DEAD – Alpha Demo

KINGDOM of the DEAD is a black and white graphic novel styled horror FPS that follows a secret government agent who must fight undead monsters and close the Gates of Death.

In KINGDOM of the DEAD you step into the shoes of Agent Chamberlain – an agent who works for a secret government organisation which fights back against the armies of Death. Over the course of the game you’ll be sent out on missions (along with your talking sword) where you’ll fight undead monsters, battle huge eldritch beasts and hopefully eventually close the Gates of Death.

The KINGDOM of the DEAD demo build contains one large mission that takes around 30 minutes to play through. The sound effects of some of the guns could do with a little work, but they do a good job of ripping the monsters to shreds when you blast them. The black and white visual style works well and you could pause pretty much any moment and it would look like something straight out of a graphic novel. The giant worm boss is particularly cool to see in motion – but don’t stand around looking at it for too long, grab some explosives and blow it back to Hell!

Download the KINGDOM of the DEAD Alpha Demo Here (Steam)