Kingdom Shell – Beta Demo

Kingdom Shell is a dark fairytale open world action platforming adventure with metroidvania elements where a half-demon who is been summoned to save a kingdom that’s plagued by nightmare creatures.

Drawing inspiration from classic 90s action platformers, Kingdom Shell follows Elias the Half-Blood – a half-demon criminal who is the last hope for a kingdom plagued by darkness. The barrier that protected the kingdom has been broken and the Brotherhood that protected the kingdom for centuries has fallen. Freed from his prison, Elias must now venture out into the kingdom and save it from its impending doom.

Kingdom Shell is essentially an open world metroidvania, but gameplay-wise it feels a bit more like a traditional action platformer than most metroidvanias. You have a large open world to explore, which is full of secrets, traps, loot enemies and bosses to battle. It’s quite a tough game, with a small health bar and challenging bosses, so you’ll have to learn attack patterns to survive.

Kingdom Shell’s large open world is an interesting place to explore, full of beautiful scenery, challenging enemies and secrets to discover. It lacks the wow factor of the likes of Blasphemous or Dead Cells, but the pixel art animation is still pretty impressive and the retro action platforming gameplay is very enjoyable. Well worth checking out for a bit of old school open world action platforming fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Kingdom Shell Beta Demo Here (Steam)