Kingdom Tetris – Game Jam Build

Kingdom Tetris features a clever fusion of city building and Tetris-esque block-based puzzling as you place land, buildings and crops to expand your kingdom as far as possible.

Created for the Mini Jam 71 in Kingdom Tetris you are presented with a small island and some a variety of random Tetris-esque pieces that drop down the left side of the screen. If any blocks fall to the bottom of the screen then you lose a life, but if you grab them then you can place them around the island to expand your kingdom.

The terrain blocks can be rotated and can only be placed in the sea, with you earning different bonuses if you place them in areas with star, heart or coin collectibles. The rest of the blocks contain buildings, crops and trees which you can only place on top of land. They also earn you bonuses and they earn you larger bonuses if you build similar structures next to each other.

It’s an inventive and addictive mash-up of two very different genres which makes for a very fast paced city-building experience. See how big you can build your kingdom!

Play Kingdom Tetris Here (Browser)