Kingdoms Of GridWorld – Alpha Demo

Kingdoms of GrodWorld

Kingdoms of GridWorld is a unique tile-popping turn-based strategy game set on a game board that alters dramatically throughout the match, with rows sliding around and disappearing as the game progresses, until you’re left with a handful of squares filled with lots of units.

Your goal in Kingdoms of GridWorld is to build up an army and defeat the enemy Kingdom.  You do this by harvesting tiles for money then spending them on units and upgrades.  Tiles can only be harvested so much though until they disappear, shrinking the game map as it does so.  You can move your units and base around the map, by sliding the game world – which makes for interesting decisions when under attack, as anything you’re fleeing from will slide along behind you!  The current build offers two playable kingdoms and one battle grid, but the full game will feature ten unique playable kingdoms (from robots to dragons) and four differently themed battle grids to do battle on.

The developers of Kingdoms of GridWorld claim that it’s easy to pick up.  It’s not. BUT after a bit of trial and error and a few failed matches, you will get the hang of things and be rewarded with a truly unique turn based strategy game, with polished visuals, innovative mechanics and addictive gameplay.  An initially baffling, but rather brilliant take on the turn based strategy genre.

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Download The Kingdoms Of GridWorld Alpha Demo Here