Kings Conflict – Alpha Download

Kings Conflict

Kings Conflict is an inventive mix of Turn based strategy, Trading Card Game, Risk and Chess where two players battle it out for supremacy, with the last king alive being crowned the winner.

As in Chess, players must protect their king at all costs, but instead of pawns, bishops and horsies to protect you, you have a deck of cards.  There are around 90 varied and well thought-out cards cards in the game at present, with each one costing gold to place on the map and using up a set amount of food per turn.  Once on the map, you can move, attack, buff and occupy blocks of terrain with them.  A little like Risk, terrain that you occupy and control will generate you more gold and food.

There are a few more rules, but everything is covered in the well implemented tutorial, which we’d highly recommend playing before diving in to a real match.  Still in the Alpha phase of development, Kings Conflict really is an addictive and easy to learn game that offers inventive card design and deep, strategic Chess-like battles against your opponents.

UPDATE: Alpha No Longer Available