KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat – Beta Demo

KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat is an absurd Anime styled 2D platformer where a hilariously muscular cat in tight Speedos fights an alien army.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019, KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat takes place after aliens have invaded Earth and captured all of the humans except for a couple of kids. You take on the role of a cat with a bodybuilder’s physique who is friends with the kids and helps fight back against the alien menace.

Your character can switch between two forms – the muscle cat and a cute little kitty. While in muscle cat form you can smash things, do some weight training and beat up aliens. Meanwhile the little kitty form can’t attack but is more agile and can climb certain vertical walls.

Some of the level design can be a little frustrating, but it’s an oddly entertaining arcade action platformer with a lot of personality. Some of the character animations are particularly entertaining and you’ll be hard pressed not to smile during the transformation animation!

Download The KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat Beta Demo Here (Steam)