KinnikuNeko – Tech Demo

KinnikuNeko is a thoroughly bizarre Japanese styled 2D action platforming beat ‘em up where you control a ridiculously muscular cat and bash your way through hordes of deadly aliens!

In KinnikuNeko you take control of a wonderfully weird cat headed protagonist with a ripped human body and must fend off hordes of aliens as you make your way through each level and attempt to destroy their leader – a three eyed Anime styled evil mastermind and highly skilled mech pilot. It’s all very weird, very Japanese and a whole lot of fun.

Calling KinnikuNeko a beat ‘em up may not be entirely accurate as your super buff feline character doesn’t actually punch his enemies, instead he just seems to inadvertently bash them while pulling off a variety of bodybuilding poses. The poses work rather well to dispatch your enemies, but you really need to keep moving as you can soon become overwhelmed as aliens swarm the screen.

It could do with a little balancing and a bit more depth, but even in these early stages of development KinnikuNeko is a great slice of silly side-scrolling arcade action. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, the animation is superb and the main character is hilarious. A super silly side-scrolling pose ‘em up well worth checking out.

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Download The KinnikuNeko Tech Demo Here (Windows)