Kirigami – Student Project Download

Kirigami Game Download

Kirigami is a charming little point and click adventure in which you play a cute little cat who helps the residents of a beautifully crafted paper doll’s house.

The paper doll’s house of Kirigami is full of strange residents, who more often than not are missing something to make them happy. This is where you come in – an odd little cat wearing a onesie and a crown, who can help the residents and unearth strange secrets in the process.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, the puzzles in Kirigami aren’t too taxing but they’re well designed and often have some surprising results when solved. It’s the artwork that really makes the game stand out though, the hand crafted game world is a joy to explore, full of excellent animation and lots of quirky residents to meet.

Kirigami isn’t perfect, it does have a few bugs (such as occasional issues with the walking animation), but they can easily be forgiven in this sweet little adventure with stylish visuals, memorable characters and a cute little curious cat. An adorable little papercraft point and click adventure.

Note: Make sure you click on the white Rubik’s Cube floating above the grumpy geek’s head before climbing the rope upstairs or you’ll get stuck up there!

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Kirigami Here (Windows)

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