Kite – Alpha Download

Kite game

Kite is a very impressive dungeon crawling bullet hell sci-fi action RPG wrapped up in the shell of a classic twin stick shooter in which you play an augmented human soldier in a world that had found peace – until a recent robot uprising that you have to contend with.

Kite gets it’s name from the gaming term ‘kiting’ – the act of running away from an enemy while shooting at it (looks like you’re flying a kite). So it’ll come as no surprise you’ll be ‘kiting’ quite often in Kite as you take on the robotic menace.  However, you do have a variety of useful abilities and powerful weaponry that mean you won’t be running away too much!

As well as a handy slow-motion bullet time ability and a super speed ability, you’re also kitted out with some wonderfully destructive weaponry, from laser swords to rocket launchers – these will be gated behind an RPG-style unlock system in later releases but at the moment you’re free to play around with all your toys right from the start.

It’s a fun and challenging game, in which you’ll be ‘kiting’ quite often as you run and strafe around enemies, dodging bullets and shooting back. This run and gun gameplay of Kite is immensely satisfying, feeling fondly reminiscent of 90’s shooters such as Smash TV, but with modern game design, snazzy pixel art visuals, a cool Vangellis-esque soundtrack, fluid gameplay and destructible environments. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go fly a Kite!

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

Download the Kite Alpha Here (Windows Only)