Kitten Super Adventure – Alpha Demo

Kitten Super Adventure

Kitten Super Adventure is a fantastic looking Spyro the Dragon inspired action platformer in which you take your fully customisable kitten on an epic worldwide adventure in a quest to recover your catnip.

We first featured an early Alpha build of Kitten Super Adventure on Alpha Beta Gamer just over a year ago, and found it to be absolutely adorable. That Alpha build has unfortunately been discontinued, but to celebrate the launch of their Indiegogo campaign the dev has released an addictive high score chasing minigame, in which you play a flying cat who must navigate it’s way across increasingly treacherous terrain. It’s a charming distraction that offers up some fun gameplay and replay value, due it’s unlockable characters, but it’s the full release we’re most excited by…

We’ve featured more than a few cat games on Alpha Beta Gamer (such as Purrkour and Catlateral Damage), and while they’re great fun, they can be fairly shallow experiences.  But Kitten Super Adventure looks like a fully formed adventure that will allow you to take your fully customisable kitty on an epic adventure – around far flung corners of the world (and even to the moon). It’s an impressive looking action platforming adventure with gameplay inspired by Spyro the Dragon, with you travelling the world and reclaiming your lost catnip bags from the evil Dr Tricksies. The animation and character models are adorable and there’s a great variety in locales for tyou to visit from pirate ships to space stations.  It’s really is shaping up to be a purrfect feline platforming adventure.

Check Out The Kitten Super Adventure Indiegogo Campaign Here

Download The Kitten Super Adventure Alpha Demo Minigame Here