Kitten Super Adventure – Alpha Download

kitten super adventure

Kitten Super Adventure is a fun game that puts you in control of an adorable little kitten, allowing you to run, jump, frolic and have lots of kitteny fun.

The current build is pretty basic (but very pretty), allowing you to play with a ball of yarn and bounce around on mushrooms in an enchanted forrest.  It does impress though, with beautiful visuals, great animation and the most adorable little four-legged creature we’ve ever seen in a video game.

Already Greenlit on Steam, the next release (coming to Steam Early Access) plans to offer a full-on kitten gaming experience, with a story mode, multiple levels, collectables, various kitten types and lots of customisation options.  For a peak at these features we’d highly recommend checking out the devs videos of the game to see the progress they’re making.

It’s a gorgeous looking game that looks set to follow in the paw-steps of Catlateral Damage and Purrkour, allowing players to immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of being a feline.  Kitten Super Adventure may not be the most destructive cat game out there (CD & Purrkour still take that honor), but it’s by far the cutest!

Check out the Kitten Super Adventure Greenlight page HERE

Download the Kitten Super Adventure Alpha HERE (very early build)

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