Klepto – Beta Download

Klepto is a fun 3D adventure that offers challenging old school precision platforming collect-a-thon gameplay as you explore an alien’s misguided cardboard recreation of the Wild West.

In Klepto you control a wannabe alien master thief who’s built a cardboard simulation of the Wild West for him to practice his pilfering skills in. It currently features a large central hub area and five individual levels full of collectibles, deadly jumps and hidden secrets.

Klepto’s tight controls make for some very pleasant precision platforming throughout most of the game but there are some grappling hook sections which can really frustrate due to the rather hit and miss nature of some of the grappling points. Hopefully the irritations can be ironed out in future builds though as it shows a lot of promise with its quirky premise, polished visuals, inventive level design and (for the most part) fun precision platforming gameplay.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Klepto Beta Here (Windows)

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