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KMF (Kill Marry Fish) is a super silly and beautiful first person fishing game in which you attempt to catch three random fish and then decide which ones you want to kill, marry or fish with!

In KMF you start the game in a boat, with a fishing rod in hand and three goldfish bowls behind you. You then simply cast the rod towards a cluster of bubbles (that signifies the location of a fish), and attempt to hook and reel something in.

The fish you catch in KMF are without doubt some of the funniest looking you’ll ever witness and are more often than not modelled after people, animals or funny memes – such as the shutter shade-wearing Kanye Fish or the death-accepting Harambe Fish. Once you catch three of these weird and wonderful creatures you stop fishing and choose which of them you want to ‘Kill’, ‘Marry’ or ‘Fish’. If you select to kill a fish you’ll bite off the front half of it and dispose of it, marrying a fish means you release it and it flops around inside the boat, and if you select ‘Fish’ then you attach the fish to your hook and fish with it.

KMF really impresses with its fun fishing gameplay, gorgeous dream-like visuals and silly sense of humor. A great place to drop anchor, chill out and catch some super weird fish.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download KMF (Kill Marry Fish) Here (Windows & Mac)

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