Knåddskogen – Student Project Game

Knåddskogen is an adorable little exploration puzzle adventure that sees you searching the depths of a Swedish forest for your missing class of kindergarteners.

In Knåddskogen you take on the role of a young kindergarten teacher who has taken her class to the local forest for the day. However, while her back is turned, the entire class ran off into the woods to play, hide, sleep, climb trees and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It’s up to you so search the forest and round up all the kids.

Most of the loveable little urchins are easy enough to find, but sometimes you’ll need to do a little more to get them to join your troupe. Once found, some of the kids may be fast asleep or hard to reach – but don’t worry, you can pick up another kid and throw it at the kid you’re trying to wake/reach. The kids are pretty tough and can handle a little fall – in fact they give out an adorable little “weeee” exclamation whenever you throw them.

Knåddskogen isn’t particularly challenging, but it it’s a delightful little adventure that will make you smile from start to finish. The artwork is fantastic, the forest is full of fun little surprises and the kids are absolutely adorable – particularly once you have a trail of them following behind you. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Knåddskogen Here (Windows)