Knight of Exile – Beta Demo

Knight of Exile is a non-linear open world 2D action platforming adventure with RPG elements and tactical hack n’ slash combat, where an exiled knight sets out on a journey of revenge and redemption.

Taking place in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Olmur, Knight of Exile follows the adventure of a former royal guard who returns from three years of exile to avenge the death of his king. Following the murder of the king the land of Olmur has fallen tot he forces of evil. You’ll need to fight your way through them, get your revenge and liberate the kingdom.

The gameplay in Knight of Exile blends non-linear exploration, platforming and hack ‘n slash combat. The combat feels satisfyingly fast paced and tactical, with you able to use dodges and blocks to evade attacks. Your main weapon is a sword, but you also unlock secondary weapons, ranged weapons and familiars who fight by your side. You can also level up your stats and purchase useful equipment from a handy travelling shop.

It could do with a little more variety when it comes to the enemies, but aside from that Knight of Exile is a lot of fun. The gameplay is fast paced and arcadey, while still having a satisfyingly deep combat system. There’s lots to discover as you explore the world too, with lots of useful loot to be found if you stray off the main path. A fast and fun action platforming adventure with a vast open game world and some very enjoyable combat.

Download The Knight of Exile Beta Demo Here (Steam)