Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman – Game Jam Build

Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman is a fun little game which sees you going door-to-door, tempting people to trade their souls for wishes.

In Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman you work for the devil as a travelling soulsman. The job requires you to go door-to-door and offer wishes in exchange for people’s souls. The only problem is that you’re not very good with it – in fact you’re dead last in the sales leaderboard (just below Kirby, The Rock and a rock). You now have to go out and collect five souls or you’ll be sacked, and there are probably far worse places you can end up working in Hell!

You are given five randomised houses to visit and must try to tempt each of their occupants to sell you their souls. However, first you need to gain their trust and figure out what wish you could grant them to get them to give up their immortal souls. They may just want money, or they may want to be a famous musician or they may even want to take over the world. You can only ask a few questions to each person so you need to make them count and once you’re done talking you then select one of the pre-made contracts from your travelling soulsman case and get them to sign.

It’s a great little game with a fun sense of humor, a nice selection of quirky characters to meet and clever detective style gameplay as you hunt for clues in your conversations about what what your potential customers most desire. If you pay attention and collect those souls you may just manage to outsell the inanimate rock in your sales team and keep your job!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman Here (Browser)