K’NOSSOS – Alpha Demo

K’NOSSOS is a beautiful Arthur C. Clarke-esque Sci-Fi point and click adventure in which you play a lone engineer who’s woken from cryosleep to repair the massive colonisation ship he’s travelling on.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed point and click adventures such as The Dig, Chronomaster and Primordia, K’NOSSOS plans to take you on a stylish, surreal and atmospheric adventure into the outer reaches of the cosmos. The current build serves as a prelude to the main adventure and sees you attempting to repair a ship that’s been crippled by an asteroid collision.

Your character is the only one onboard that’s awake after being awoken from cryosleep by the ship’s computer, to carry out the repairs – but you do have some help in the form of a flying drone which can cut, weld, melt and heat objects at your bidding. It doesn’t waste time easing you in with easy puzzles, most of the ones in the current build are pretty tricky, but there is a useful hint system and a hotspot highlighter to give you some assistance.

Even in these early stages of development K’NOSSOS is a captivating experience, with a cool abstract art style, a great sense of atmosphere, tricky puzzles and an interesting game world that we can’t wait to explore more of. A stylish Sci-Fi space odyssey well worth embarking on.

Note: If you do get stuck, there’s a useful hint system and hotspot highlighter that can help guide the way.

Download The K’NOSSOS Alpha Demo Here (Windows)