Koji – Game Jam Build


Koji, a pixelated sidescroller made for the Indie Speed Run, has you learning to become a ninja, avenging the death of your sensei and making a deal with the devil.

Equipped with a katana, you learn how to fight like a ninja, with your sensei going through the moves and showing you the ropes. You are new to this – you haven’t really had the chance to prove yourself, but that soon changes when you come back to find your sensei has been killed by a group of ninjas.

You’re pretty deadly with a katana, but if you get hit once, you will die. You can make it through the whole game without dying, but it is quite hard. The more ninjas you kill, the harder the next ninja is.  It’s not game over though if you die – the devil will give you one last chance – you can go back and try to see revenge, or you can accept defeat.

The choice is up to you, but remember. You are making a deal with the devil. There may be repercussions – there always are. Are you willing to make a deal with the devil to avenge the death of your sensei?

Play Koji in Your Browser Here