KOJOUJI – Beta Demo

KOJOUJI is a tense and atmospheric first person Sci-Fi horror adventure where you enter a mysterious facility that’s overrun with massive slimy worm monsters with huge teeth.

In KOJOUJI you take on the role of a detective that’s been hired to investigate the disappearance of a man who works as security at a factory. With a little investigation it becomes apparent that the factory is just a front for a mysterious secret facility hidden underground. You’ll have to find a way into the facility to continue your search, but there’s also the slight problem that the air is filled with toxic gas and huge man-eating worms slither silently around in the darkness.

The current build of KOJOUJI contains around 20 minutes of gameplay, though you can complete it much quicker depending on which entrance you take to the facility. There’s a nice mixture of puzzle solving, scavenging and running away from the grotesque giant worms. The full game aims to be around three hours long, with multiple endings to discover.

It’s a very tense experience, and although the huge man-eating worms are quite slow, the fact that they move silently means that they can easily sneak up on you, and if a few surround you then you’re in trouble! The audio design is very unsettling and the visual design is fantastic, especially monsters and the Alien-esque nest areas where the monsters hatch from. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The KOJOUJI Beta Demo Here