Koloro – Beta Demo

Koloro is a stylish, inventive and surprisingly complex puzzle platforming adventure in which your movement is controlled with just one button as you embark on a quest to find your missing sister.

In Koloro you control Kora, a young girl who sets out on an adventure through an dream-like poetic world in a quest to find her missing sister. During each level your character morphs into a little cube shaped object which automatically moves in the direction you’re facing. You need to time your jumps to help you navigate deadly hazards, activate switches, open doors, control water and face strange creatures.

It’s a beautiful game, with a great art style and excellent sound design. The puzzle platforming gameplay offers a real challenge too, with well crafted levels that will test your reflexes as well as your grey matter – it’s amazing how much variety you can get from its single button control scheme. A delightful, dangerous and dreamy platforming adventure packed full of creativity.

Download The Koloro Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)