Kôna – Prototype Download


Kôna is an atmospheric first-person survival exploration game set in the 1970’s where you play as a detective investigating the disappearance of his client named Hamilton, who’s gone missing along with most of the other locals.

In the finished game itself, you’ll explore vast atmospheric open levels, solve puzzles to aid your case and your survival.  You’ll use tools to help you along the way, like taking pictures with a camera as evidence, and of course you’ll have to fight to survive against nature.

The prototype is very early in development and is really just to give you a sense of the atmosphere of Kôna, allowing you to drive a snowmobile around the frozen wilderness and explore deserted cabins.  There will be a more fully featured build released within the next 10 days, which will include gameplay features and Oculus Rift support, but the current prototype does a good job of conveying a real sense of isolation in the beautiful snow-filled landscape.

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Download The Prototype & Check out their Kickstarter HERE (a more fully featured prototype is due out in less than 10 days)