Korona:Nemesis – Beta Download

Korona:Nemesis is a fast paced physics based platform fighter where you can switch between a variety of different elemental powers to get the drop on your opponent across its diverse levels.

Playable in Single-Player or local multiplayer, in Korona:Nemesis you attempt to defeat your opponents across a diverse array of stages. You have one jump button and one attack button, but you can switch between the 6 different types of attack you can perform by pressing different directions on the D-pad and the right analog stick. These attacks have a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” esque property to them – so electricity beats water, water beats fire and so on. However you not only have to think about what type of attack your opponent is using, but also your environment (for instance, using fire attacks while submerged in water isn’t going to work).

In single player after a very brief tutorial you’re thrown into 1v1 combat against four AI combatants. It’s hard to remember which D-pad or analog stick direction you need to press to change to a particular elemental attack in the heat of battle. This could be fixed by adding a graphic on the screen that tells you what’s mapped to what for the first few levels, however the fact that you have to switch between 6 stances/elements also feels a little clumsy. It seems like it’d be better to just map each attack to a controller button so you can use the attack straight away.

Aside from the issues with stance/element-switching and accessibility, it’s a very promising game. It’s got a great sense of style, the elemental nature of the combat in Korona:Nemesis is a great premise and the environmental effects of the levels really do shake up the gameplay. A fun physics based fighter with a touch of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Note: To Access The Multiplayer you’ll have to play through the single player mode first.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

Download The Korona:Nemesis Beta Here