Kraden’s Crypt – Alpha Demo

Kradens Crypt

Kraden’s Crypt is a fun physics influenced roguelike co-­op dungeon crawler for up to four players, that features an interesting almost QWOP-like way of controlling your weapons, using your mouse or thumbstick to control their momentum.

It features vibrant and colorful character design, with huge bosses and outlandish enemy design, such as walking jelly beans, rock monsters and giant subway sandwiches. You can wield hammers, bows, swords, shields and many spells. Each of these weapons has its own unique combat mechanics. You operate the weaponry by moving the mouse (or thumbstick), and the player speed, weapon speed and enemy speed all factor into the damage that you do.

With a Kickstarter campaign due to start within the newt few days, Kraden’s Crypt is a fun game, bristling with vibrant colors, inventive enemy design, an innovative control scheme, loot, and a pleasantly chaotic co-op multiplayer.  Swinging is great fun, especially with friends!

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Download the Kraden’s Crypt Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Linux)