Kriophobia – Alpha Demo


Kriophobia is a creepy frostbitten survival horror, that plans to return to the genre’s roots, when the words “survival horror” actually meant something.

Featuring a beautiful mix of fixed camera angles, 2D hand drawn backgrounds and 3D cel shaded character design, Kriophobia feels like you’ve entered an immersive graphic novel.  The dark storyline offers up real scares and peril as you literally fall into a mysterious sealed military research station where something nasty is most certainly lurking around the corner.

The short Alpha demo is still still early in development and does have a couple of issues (it’ easy to lose your mouse cursor on a white background, and it’s also sometimes hard to get your character to move where you want), but we’d expect these to be ironed out in future releases.  With it’s wonderful graphic novel visual style, and a mature storyline with hints of The Thing and Resident Evil, Kriophobia is already off to a great start, we’d love to explore more of this sub zero survival horror.

Check Out the Kriophobia Greenlight Page HERE

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)