Kritika Online – Open Beta

Kritika Online Open Beta

Kritika Online is now in Open Beta, so everyone can now check out its fun blend of super fast paced massively multiplayer action RPG brawling and stylish anime-styled visuals.

We first featured Kritika Online on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February during the closed Beta sign up and were impressed with its action focused gameplay and high quality visuals. It’s a game that focuses on speed, with fast paced combo-filled brawling combat akin to Devil May Cry and action packed quests that can be completed in 10 minutes.

There are seven classes of character to choose from – Rogue, Mage, Reaper, Warrior, Eclaire, Nobilia and Monk – each of which have their own unique combat style and skills. Each class can also evolve during the course of the game into different sub-classes that play very differently – for example, the Rogue can evolve into a Mystic Wolf Guardian of a Cat Acrobat depending on your choices.

It doesn’t feature an open word, instead preferring to focus on individual missions you can travel to from the map screen. The dungeon crawling can be good for some button mashing brawling but the PvP can actually be more enjoyable if you’re looking for more of a challenge. It’s also very Anime-styled so expect to see plenty of scantily clad ladies and jiggly boob physics.

Kritika Online doesn’t re-invent the wheel or feel quite as epic as many other MMO’s but it does very well at what it focuses on – fast, fun and stylish combat. High adrenaline, high speed massively multiplayer brawling.

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