Krusty Zombies – Beta Download

Krusty Zombies is a fun little fan made mash-up of Spongebob Squarepants and Call of Duty Zombies, which sees Spongebob attempting to fend off zombie fish and jellyfish that have invaded Bikini Bottom.

The gameplay in Krusty Zombies will be pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever played a CoD: Zombies game – you shoot the zombies and earn cash, which you can then use to unlock new areas of the map, guns, ammo and upgrades. It’s not as complex as CoD: Zombies, but it’s easy to pick up and play and the Bikini Bottom setting works pretty well. There’s a nice variety of weapons and upgrades to unlock and the combat is fun.

The current build of Krusty Zombies does very much feel like a work in progress and could do with a little more variety and a bit of balancing. The colorful Spongebob universe is a great setting for a zombie shooter though and it makes for a much more cheerful experience than the likes of Call of Duty!

Download The Krusty Zombie Beta Here (Windows)