Kuja – Alpha Demo

Kuja game

Kuja is a completely physics-based drunk fighting simulator, in the same vein as Gang Beasts, with jelly-legged drunkards partaking in slapstick fights to be the last man standing.

Kuja is stil very early in development (there’s not even any sound yet), but it’s shaping up nicely, with wonderfully chaotic fights, environmental destruction and lots of pick-up-and-useable weaponry.  The Alpha demo features single player, co-op and versus multiplayer set across two stages, and even has a nice selection of unlockable clothing to customize your brawler.

It doesn’t quite match the ridiculousness of Gang Beasts yet, but it’s still early days for Kuja.  We can’t wait to see what boozed-up brawling buffoonery it offers up in the future.

Player One Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, N – Left Punch, M- Right Punch

Player Two Controls:  GDRF – Movement, Q – Left Punch, W – Right Punch

Play the Much Rougher, (but still fun) Prototype in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

Kuja Has Been Renames ‘Drunk-Fu’ Download the Latest Alpha Demo HERE

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