Kurm Frog Teach ABC – Game Jam Build

Kurm Frog Teach ABC is a very funny and surprisingly sinister little game in which you help a Russian-styled Kermit the Frog knock off educate the children.

Kurm Frog Teach ABC tells the tale of the “great mupet Kurm Frog who all American childs love”. In the game you help Kurm carry out different acts on his muppet show, such as waving his arms around to gain applause to playing celebrity basketball or collecting numbers while avoiding the Count.

As with the real Kermit, Kurm is a cheerful and kind fellow that will do anything for the children, but there’s something getting him down – the ever looming threat of a monster and the iron fist of the strict Soviet-esque “Unnamed Mupet Country” government. Will Kurm save the day? There are three different endings and unlockable costumes as you attempt to find out! Highly recommended.

Note: Full screen recommended (click icon in bottom right)

Play Kurm Frog Teach ABC Here (Browser)